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These groups are for 5-8yr olds and are just like real tennis but on smaller courts, using soft sponge balls and short rackets.  Sessions include agility and coordination games, racket and balls skills and the basic techniques and tactics to enable players to serve, rally and play a match. Players are encouraged to play in fun competitions as soon as they are ready. 

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These groups are for 8-9yr olds and see players progress onto a 3/4 sized tennis court.  Orange balls look more like a standard ball but are lower bouncing and slower on the court giving the players more time to respond.  Coaches help players to further develop the game skills learned in Red always focusing on playing the game and using all the shots.

Check the timetable here


These groups are for 10-11yr olds and see players progress to a full size court using balls which are 25% softer and lower bouncing than normal tennis balls. Coaches focus on helping players adapt their skills to the bigger court and faster ball in preparation for the full game in singles and doubles.

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